Pattern Readings

Since part of the very nature of being human is to change, especially every seven years or so (the famous seven year itch) many would get distracted and wander elsewhere during the process. When I read patterns for others, I don't actually use cards, stones, reeds or any other medium as a mystical channel. Actually, it's the exact opposite. I artistically create an experience with those tools, as soulful instruments, so others can calm down in a moment of peace for that time. I say artistically since the purpose of an art is to explore the nature of our soul. It's within this peaceful vision I weave that people can momentary see clearly, and then together I can guide that person through a journey to see inside themselves for a moment. To be a seer is to see the soul clearly. If you desire to be your own seer, to discover completeness in your own soul, then I recommend practicing QiGong or Yoga as a starting point. Each of these practices can be used as a path for purification. Just don't except over night results. Take the time instead to discover the movement of your life.

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