Pattern Readings

Since part of the very nature of being human is to change, especially every seven years or so (the famous seven year itch) many would get distracted and wander elsewhere during the process. When I read patterns for others, I don't actually use cards, stones, reeds or any other medium as a mystical channel. Actually, it's the exact opposite. I artistically create an experience with those tools, as soulful instruments, so others can calm down in a moment of peace for that time. I say artistically since the purpose of an art is to explore the nature of our soul. It's within this peaceful vision I weave that people can momentary see clearly, and then together I can guide that person through a journey to see inside themselves for a moment. To be a seer is to see the soul clearly. If you desire to be your own seer, to discover completeness in your own soul, then I recommend practicing QiGong or Yoga as a starting point. Each of these practices can be used as a path for purification. Just don't except over night results. Take the time instead to discover the movement of your life.

Hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi

Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool with many benefits. It is simply a cooperative interaction between the participant and the hypnotherapist who serves as a coach to guide an individual into hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used to treat various kinds of issues mental and physical and can be done from anywhere in the world. If you are from Dubai you can learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi. There is a sum of misconceptions about hypnotherapy due to the fact that this technique can vary dramatically from one person to another. Some hypnotized people have reported feeling a sense of deep relaxation and extreme focused attention. Others have reported an “aha moment” where they all of a sudden remember an event or conversation, think of a solution to a problem, or become spontaneously inventive and creative. 

The most common and basic hypnosis technique is Suggestion Therapy. This is a one way communication, from the hypnotherapist to the client. These suggestions are always positive and when given by an expert hypnotherapist, will be easily accepted by the client as he or she will have approved the messages ahead of time. Anyway, Positive Suggestion Therapy is safe and very effective, fast and an easy way to make changes. The results are immediate and long lasting. How the suggestion therapy works? Basically, For example, in a treatment to stop smoking, a hypnosis practitioner might suggest that the patient will no longer find smoking pleasurable or necessary. Hypnosis for a patient with arthritis might include a suggestion that the pain can be turned down like the volume of a radio. If you want to learn more about hypnosis and how efficient is this technique, we recommend to visit the site:

Movies to Avoid

Here's a list of movies to avoid as one would the plague: Transformers: The Dark of The Moon - When will our suffering be complete? Where are the Go-Bots when we actually need them? Rise of The Apes - If it does not have a loinclothed Charlton Heston verbally abusing his simian captors, then it has no value. One can only shrug in disinterest or risk lunacy; The Hangover 2 - Do you remember almost laughing at The Hangover when it was on HBO? Perhaps you will almost laugh at the sequel which is looking to be 2 times more almost funny; Captain America: The First Avenger / X-Men: First Class / Green Lantern / Thor / etc. The superhero moment is gone. I could think of no worse fate than having to sit though yet another grim yet silly myth/franchise building origin paint by numbers snoozer. Let it die already! The Smurfs - I heard they rap! Well, that's kind of it for now. I'll post again on this topic, revising and adding as more information becomes clear. Certainly I dissed a couple of future classics? Or blessed a true meritless bomb? Until then, get some sun.

S.A.F.G. 1965 Edition

Here's a image of the rare Secret Agent Field Guide ('65 edition) paperback. Mine is the one on the bottom (white spine), found the other 2 on a Russian auction site. So far I've only seen the solid gun version and the outline gun one, but it seems from some message boards like there was a totally different cover for the 1964 first print hardcover, a orange and green one with a photo on the back. These were classified material back in the day but they are a blast to read now. From the introduction: "It is highly recommended that you disguise your copy of The Secret Agent Field Guide as some other book. A dust jacket from a similarly sized English-to-French dictionary would do nicely. No expensive first editions, as these will attract book thieves. 

Once adequately camouflaged, this guide can be brought into the field, even on a seaside vacation or at an amusement fair, anywhere you would like brush up on the basics. We promise that The Secret Agent Field Guide is not the crass product of an armchair-bound committee of sclerotic killjoys, bent on milking the Espionage Education System of its many tax dollars. Nor was it rushed out by a bearded hack, typing fraudulently in the night, posing as a so-called expert. The Secret Agent Field Guide contains a fully vetted 200-proof distillation of street-level espionage expertise, gathered from the streets of New York, London, and ports abroad. This illustrated edition replaces all previous editions. Additional copies may be ordered from the address on the back cover or from your superiors. We hope it serves you well now and in the future, such as the 1970s".

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Burning through the box set, I can report the rumors of the show's decline are true. Still, like the stock market, there are small upticks in the downward slope. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was an early and influential example of the pop culture spy mania that gripped America and the U.K. in the mid-60s. A victim of success, the show passed from showrunner to showrunner, each with a broader and campier vision of what the whole spy craze was all about. Season 1, while not exactly heavy, took itself seriously. Intelligent writing, a fresh and engaged cast, and the Bond/Danger Man zeitgeist fully exploited. Season 2, now filmed and broadcast in color, opens with a 2-parter, injected with more money. Yet we have Rip Torn as a badguy straight from a pulpy old clifhanger. In The Alexander The Greater Affair parts 1 & 2 we first see the Batman-style elaborate deathtraps, the hammy acting, the juvenile vibe. Season 2 is all over the map, offering some subtle adventures and cool, but a few diversions into a cartoon version of the tape-recorder-and-pistol world we were introduced to in Season 1. Espionage gives way to outsize capers, but outsize in a season 3 Star Trek fashion predictable situations with a limited cast of extras. And soundstages that look like soundstages. Stars Robert Vaughan and David McCallum begin to phone it in on the flatter scripts. By season 3, set-spotters can identify several frequently repeating stages redressed but always identifiable. The round room that premiers in The Moonglow Affair as a Thrush fashion headquarters is back as various dojos, control rooms, houses, and more. 

The mansion set, never even redressed very much, will appear in back to back episodes as completelly different places. Time after time, the same green desk microphone shows up. Mismatched stock footage, even in black and white, is frequently used. In the real world, The troubled Girl From U.N.C.L.E. had spun off. Magazines, books, and a glut of U.N.C.L.E.-abilia crested. Season 3's sillyness had been turning off many fans and the ratings predictably slid. And yes, Napoleon Solo dances with a gorilla and a jungle girl in one of the most jawdropping betrayals of a show's vision. Why the phrase "Jumped the Shark" is not "Gorilla Danced" is beyond me. And then, late in season 3, after a string of forgettable episodes (plus a few decent ones), Sonny and Cher guest star. Not as themselves, but playing characters. Yet two Sonny and Cher hits play in the background, and there is a meta-reference to Sonny and Cher. Now, while all this is awful, there is entertainment value in watching these show on DVD. It's just not the same show it started off as. It transformed into an hourlong, higher budget version of Get Smart. And since I enjoy nearly anything in the spy or spy spoof genre, U.N.C.L.E. Season 3 is still up my alley. It's just frustrating thinking of what the show could have been if it had an advocate who understood it to pull the network strings. As expected, Season 2 and 3 have a noisy, multi-generation transfer full of analog artifacts. The sound never improves. And who can honestly prefer the Season 3 theme - full of sleazy saxophone? Here's looking forward to the short season 4.

Airport Transfer Services

No matter if you have a car and a driving licence, for business or pleasure, it might be required to you take a flight. This is a fast relocation mean, that is convenient and, not lastly, accessible to any budget. However, until the enplanement, you'll have to reach the airport, which is, as you know, pretty far, outside the city. A few issues may also be pointed out here, meaning: the fact that you have a car, the airport transfer bucharest parking will cost you a lot until you return. If you don't want to leave your car there or if you don't have one, you'll have to ask someone to accompany you and, potentially, to return with the car to the city. If you appeal to the taxi services you can end up with unpleasant surprises such as the absence of air conditioning, the improper behaviour of the drivers or just a discomfort caused by the condition of the car that is taking you. In case of some taxi, you might have the surprise of an additional fee that will be double than the legal price.
 Touring Rent Auto
To avoid such unpleasant issues before the trip, the safest is to refer to a rent-a-car company because it also supplies transfer services to and from the airport, to home. The cars are accompanied by a mannered driver who will not disturb you in any way, and with the facilities that you are asking for, depending on your needs and preferences. You may ask for any car you need and the contacted company will ensure your transportation in the most decent and comfortable conditions. The cars offered for this purpose are also spacious so that the luggage you might have fit in it and, upon request, if there is more than one person, you may easily opt for a car that has more seats. This way you'll get rid of annoyances or delays that you may encountered before departure, reaching the airport without stress or troubles.


Ok, so I am not afraid of hard work but I am so freaking tired. Friday I got up at 5am and went out to the dog room. I put Liberty in the out door kennel run and I put Freedom, Kassa, Cleveland and Blossom out in the fenced yard and then I let cranky pregnant Jessie the JRT out to just run and do whatever she wanted. It took me an hour to clean up all the cages for the 4 bait dogs. OMG they are so messy. I have done at least 10 loads of laundry since they got here and I have gone through at least 2 Clorex Wipes and about 10 rolls of paper towels. Once I was done with cleaning everything up, giving them clean food, water and bedding I put everyone away and got ready for work. I got to work about 7:50ish. I worked the rest of the day then rushed home to meet the reporter guy. Once they left I had to go pick up Newtown and Maple at the vet office. They got fixed on Friday. I had to also go to a different vet to pick up medicine for the bait dogs b/c they are starting to get snotty noses and I don't want them to come down with kennel cough. Then I had Maple getting adopted Friday night and I still had to feed horses and of course clean and work with the bait dogs. Oh then I had people who came over to see them and brought some much needed and appreciated supplies for them.

I didn't get in the house until 10:30pm when I finally ate some left overs and then I had paper work and a few miscellaneous things I needed to do. I didn't get to bed until 11:30 and boy did I pass out. Then about 1pm Newton decided to start crying so it wakes me up. I have to go down stairs and yell at him. Finally after arguing with him for a bit he finally decides to stop crying and I go back to bed. Then again at 3am, 5am, and 7am. My brother in law texted me at 6:50 and a foster home called me at 7:30am. It was the night from hell. Between 7:30 and 8:30 I got the paper, took all the dogs out to go potty and wanted to go back to bed. at 9:30 I got another phone call. Whatever I was giving up on sleeping and started my day. I was buy all day with the dogs. Thank God my husband is understanding b/c seriously I don't think we have seen each other since I got these guys. Finally by 6pm I was done with all my chores and I could shower and my husband and I went to get something to eat. Finally got to spend sometime dog free. Not long though. We were home by 9 and I spent an hour and 1/2 with the dogs, walking them, letting them play and just giving them some attention. These dogs are so so so sweet, I just can't spend enough time with them. Cleveland has discovered toys and it is freaking hilarious. I just can't stop giving him different toys to see how he will react!