Movies to Avoid

Here's a list of movies to avoid as one would the plague: Transformers: The Dark of The Moon - When will our suffering be complete? Where are the Go-Bots when we actually need them? Rise of The Apes - If it does not have a loinclothed Charlton Heston verbally abusing his simian captors, then it has no value. One can only shrug in disinterest or risk lunacy; The Hangover 2 - Do you remember almost laughing at The Hangover when it was on HBO? Perhaps you will almost laugh at the sequel which is looking to be 2 times more almost funny; Captain America: The First Avenger / X-Men: First Class / Green Lantern / Thor / etc. The superhero moment is gone. I could think of no worse fate than having to sit though yet another grim yet silly myth/franchise building origin paint by numbers snoozer. Let it die already! The Smurfs - I heard they rap! Well, that's kind of it for now. I'll post again on this topic, revising and adding as more information becomes clear. Certainly I dissed a couple of future classics? Or blessed a true meritless bomb? Until then, get some sun.

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