Pattern Readings

Since part of the very nature of being human is to change, especially every seven years or so (the famous seven year itch) many would get distracted and wander elsewhere during the process. When I read patterns for others, I don't actually use cards, stones, reeds or any other medium as a mystical channel. Actually, it's the exact opposite. I artistically create an experience with those tools, as soulful instruments, so others can calm down in a moment of peace for that time. I say artistically since the purpose of an art is to explore the nature of our soul. It's within this peaceful vision I weave that people can momentary see clearly, and then together I can guide that person through a journey to see inside themselves for a moment. To be a seer is to see the soul clearly. If you desire to be your own seer, to discover completeness in your own soul, then I recommend practicing QiGong or Yoga as a starting point. Each of these practices can be used as a path for purification. Just don't except over night results. Take the time instead to discover the movement of your life.

Hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi

Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool with many benefits. It is simply a cooperative interaction between the participant and the hypnotherapist who serves as a coach to guide an individual into hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used to treat various kinds of issues mental and physical and can be done from anywhere in the world. If you are from Dubai you can learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi. There is a sum of misconceptions about hypnotherapy due to the fact that this technique can vary dramatically from one person to another. Some hypnotized people have reported feeling a sense of deep relaxation and extreme focused attention. Others have reported an “aha moment” where they all of a sudden remember an event or conversation, think of a solution to a problem, or become spontaneously inventive and creative. 

The most common and basic hypnosis technique is Suggestion Therapy. This is a one way communication, from the hypnotherapist to the client. These suggestions are always positive and when given by an expert hypnotherapist, will be easily accepted by the client as he or she will have approved the messages ahead of time. Anyway, Positive Suggestion Therapy is safe and very effective, fast and an easy way to make changes. The results are immediate and long lasting. How the suggestion therapy works? Basically, For example, in a treatment to stop smoking, a hypnosis practitioner might suggest that the patient will no longer find smoking pleasurable or necessary. Hypnosis for a patient with arthritis might include a suggestion that the pain can be turned down like the volume of a radio. If you want to learn more about hypnosis and how efficient is this technique, we recommend to visit the site:

Movies to Avoid

Here's a list of movies to avoid as one would the plague: Transformers: The Dark of The Moon - When will our suffering be complete? Where are the Go-Bots when we actually need them? Rise of The Apes - If it does not have a loinclothed Charlton Heston verbally abusing his simian captors, then it has no value. One can only shrug in disinterest or risk lunacy; The Hangover 2 - Do you remember almost laughing at The Hangover when it was on HBO? Perhaps you will almost laugh at the sequel which is looking to be 2 times more almost funny; Captain America: The First Avenger / X-Men: First Class / Green Lantern / Thor / etc. The superhero moment is gone. I could think of no worse fate than having to sit though yet another grim yet silly myth/franchise building origin paint by numbers snoozer. Let it die already! The Smurfs - I heard they rap! Well, that's kind of it for now. I'll post again on this topic, revising and adding as more information becomes clear. Certainly I dissed a couple of future classics? Or blessed a true meritless bomb? Until then, get some sun.

S.A.F.G. 1965 Edition

Here's a image of the rare Secret Agent Field Guide ('65 edition) paperback. Mine is the one on the bottom (white spine), found the other 2 on a Russian auction site. So far I've only seen the solid gun version and the outline gun one, but it seems from some message boards like there was a totally different cover for the 1964 first print hardcover, a orange and green one with a photo on the back. These were classified material back in the day but they are a blast to read now. From the introduction: "It is highly recommended that you disguise your copy of The Secret Agent Field Guide as some other book. A dust jacket from a similarly sized English-to-French dictionary would do nicely. No expensive first editions, as these will attract book thieves. 

Once adequately camouflaged, this guide can be brought into the field, even on a seaside vacation or at an amusement fair, anywhere you would like brush up on the basics. We promise that The Secret Agent Field Guide is not the crass product of an armchair-bound committee of sclerotic killjoys, bent on milking the Espionage Education System of its many tax dollars. Nor was it rushed out by a bearded hack, typing fraudulently in the night, posing as a so-called expert. The Secret Agent Field Guide contains a fully vetted 200-proof distillation of street-level espionage expertise, gathered from the streets of New York, London, and ports abroad. This illustrated edition replaces all previous editions. Additional copies may be ordered from the address on the back cover or from your superiors. We hope it serves you well now and in the future, such as the 1970s".