Shadowchasers by Seressia Glass

Okay, I 'll on to the actual content of the book. I was not blown away. It took me a while to get through. It wasn't because the book was particularly painful to read. My definition of painful would be a story bordering on the ridiculous, cliches everywhere you turn, and very annoying characters. This book had interesting and entertaining characters; that I had wished were better developed. I think my favorite character, who was not mischievous for my taste, was Anansi. The thing is... the book didn't have a whole lot of action. It sort of bunched up at the end. The baddie was hardly in the picture. It was mostly, on Kira's part, dithering about. Running around, doing stuff that didn't seem terribly vital. When it came to the romance and sexual tension, well... eh, it wasn't... it was okay. But really I wasn't a huge fan. Rating: 3/5. Liked this book waaay better than the last uf I read with a African-American lead (LA Banks... the "slang" was atrocious). (I hate the fact that I am categorizing this read, but just see the main character as a unique accessory to normal UF). I do want to read the second in the series. I would recommend this book to fans of Urban Fantasy. But if I were you I'd get it from the library (or buy used). Try before you buy.

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